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Truck Assist partners with Jack Le Brocq and TEKNO Autosports

Australia’s leading truck roadside assistance and online insurance provider, Truck Assist, today announced a new partnership with up-and-coming Supercar driver Jack Le Brocq and the TEKNO Autosports team.

Truck Assist will back Le Brocq’s TEKNO Holden Commodore in the endurance race rounds of this year’s Virgin Australia Supercars Championship at Sandown (Melbourne), Bathurst (NSW) and the Gold Coast, plus the series Grand Final in Newcastle (NSW).

Le Brocq is the standout ‘rookie driver’ of the 2018 Virgin Supercar Championship season, with five top 10 finishes including a season-high fifth outright in Tasmania earlier in the year.

Truck Assist’s debut as the TEKNO Commodore’s naming rights sponsor at the Sandown 500 in September will mark the first time its orange-and-black colours have been seen in the sport.

“Truck Assist is excited to partner with Jack Le Brocq and TEKNO Autosports for these premier Supercar events,” said Alan Hasted, General Manager, Truck Assist.

“Jack’s a major talent with a big future in the sport. He’s someone we’re proud to throw our support behind and to have as an ambassador for our business. There’s a genuine synergy there,”

“TEKNO Autosports has long punched above its weight in Supercar racing. They’re a small tight-knit team – perfect for us to partner and grow with. Together we’ve got some exciting things planned along the way.”

To that end, Truck Assist will promote its heavy vehicle roadside assistance and online truck insurance capabilities around the Supercar program, including trackside activations with customers and other key company stakeholders.

Le Brocq’s Truck Assist TEKNO Commodore will contest the three endurance races, the Sandown 500, the Bathurst 1000, and the Gold Coast 600, where team owner Jonathon Webb will share the driving duties.

“It’s awesome to be partnering Truck Assist for these important events and to be able to bring a new sponsor to the sport,” Jack Le Brocq said.

“Our Truck Assist Commodore looks fantastic in orange-and-black, and Jonathon and I are looking forward to continuing our progress toward the front of the field.”

Truck Assist revealed its Supercar sponsorship at the TEKNO Autosports headquarters on the Gold Coast today alongside their restored, custom 1946 Ford Jailbar truck, to be publically debuted at the upcoming Sandown 500 “Retro Round”.




Truck Assist | Restorations

Episode 5: A "Green Diamond" in the Rough

It's been a fun, frustrating, inspiring and stressful experience!

Check out the final video in the "Green Diamond" restoration in support of Motor Neurone Disease research.  Thanks to your support, NTI and Truck Assist raised over $55,000 for the MND & Me Foundation.

Visit the Truck Assist Club forums to continue the discussion around our restoration success. 

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Truck Assist | Restorations

Barry Blomeley - Royans Brisbane

Barry Blomeley has been coming back to Royan’s every day for 13 years; initially as an estimator, but these days he’s the Branch Manager.

“I prefer the role of Manager,” says Barry, who is responsible for the day-to-day running of the business and managing his talent pool of close to 40, detail oriented, paint and bodywork specialists.

“The most challenging part of my role is internal relationships and people management,” says Barry. “There are a lot of personalities and you have to treat everybody differently.”

The most fulfilling part?

“Learning those personalities. Once you’ve got that, it’s pretty cool from there on in.”

But it isn’t just the people side of management that Barry enjoys. He also gets a kick out of the end results that come from the skill and commitment his team.

“The best part is seeing the end results of a difficult job, or jobs that are totally out of the square for us – especially with something like the 1946 K5 we’re working on for NTI.”

“We typically don’t concentrate on heritage restoration work. It engulfs hours that you just can’t charge out,” explains Barry.

When asked about the advancements in truck builds and automated technology, Barry says “trucks are a better product these days; they offer a better ride. They are more ‘car like’, but to go down that track, they have to be made from materials that aren’t repairable. They are a different construction.”

“Newer trucks get to a stage where they aren’t repairable, whereas an older model – say 20 years older, with a similar cab, in a similar crash – may be repairable. There’s a lot of replacement work on newer trucks, especially with the plastics.

“But newer trucks are a lot more comfortable, and much more driver friendly. Driving a truck isn’t the same these days as it used to be. The older trucks took a lot more of a beating than the new ones would. A lot of the operational side is easier these days in terms of gear shifts etcetera. They are a lot more comfortable, and more driver friendly.”

All things considered though, Barry’s thoughts are best summed up with one jovial statement.

“The best truck you can buy is a brand new one!”



Truck Assist | Restorations

Episode 4: A "Green Diamond" in the Rough

Don, Peete and Resto Team have pulled the truck apart - now it's time to put things back together!

How's your Resto going?  Tell us all about it in the Truck Assist Club Forum.

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Truck Assist | Restorations

Russell Price - Price's Truck Parts

They say if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. Perhaps that’s why Russell Price,  Owner of Price’s Truck Parts in Dalby, Queensland, has no plans to stop showing up to work with his four-legged friends, Bundy & Bruce.

 “I don’t plan on retiring,” says Russ, “I’ll never not be part of what’s here. Back in the day I’d spend more of my time at the desk or on the phone, but these days I like to get outside more. I prefer to be amongst it, doing things, being a part of it. I have the freedom to choose what I do here.”

Listening to Russell talk about his business, it’s obvious he sees his operation as serving a purpose not just to truck enthusiasts and heavy vehicle operators, but to the agricultural and farming industry that surrounds him. Even when asked about the challenges of sustaining a business, in a regional town, he brings it back to his small hometown community.

“The biggest challenge is drought. Not so much for us – but moreso for everyone around us. Farmers rely on us during drought time; they repair and restore equipment with our help because they can’t afford to replace it. The challenge is seeing what the community goes through and supporting them through that.”

Like many in the industry, Russell’s business is generational. Having taken it over from his father, he recalls the days when his dad used to buy old trucks, fit them with hoists, build up the bodies and resell them. But his memories of trucking stretch back even further.

“Even my grandfather had a trucking business” remembers Russell, “Pollards Transport. He sold it in about 1951. I still have memories from when I was a kid, of him running around Dalby.”

When asked about his loyalty to his home town, Russell says there was never any temptation to shift to the big smoke. “It’s the people. It’s what we do. It’s what we’ve always known. Why move from here? If I want to go into the city, down to Brisbane, I can; but I always come back here. This is home.”

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Truck Assist | Restorations

Episode 3: "A Green Diamond in the Rough"

The Green Diamond has been to the Brisbane Truck Show and now the restoration and repair process can really begin!

Understand what the Resto team is going through?  Share your story in the Truck Assist Club forum.

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Truck Assist | Restorations

Episode 2: "A Green Diamond in the Rough"

Find out more about why Truck Assist and NTI chose Motor Neurone Disease research as the cause behind the Green Diamond resto.

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