Barry Blomeley - Royans Brisbane

We took 5mins with the man at Royans calling the shots on the body work of NTI's "Green Diamond"...

Barry Blomeley has been coming back to Royan’s every day for 13 years; initially as an estimator, but these days he’s the Branch Manager.

“I prefer the role of Manager,” says Barry, who is responsible for the day-to-day running of the business and managing his talent pool of close to 40, detail oriented, paint and bodywork specialists.

“The most challenging part of my role is internal relationships and people management,” says Barry. “There are a lot of personalities and you have to treat everybody differently.”

The most fulfilling part?

“Learning those personalities. Once you’ve got that, it’s pretty cool from there on in.”

But it isn’t just the people side of management that Barry enjoys. He also gets a kick out of the end results that come from the skill and commitment his team.

“The best part is seeing the end results of a difficult job, or jobs that are totally out of the square for us – especially with something like the 1946 K5 we’re working on for NTI.”

“We typically don’t concentrate on heritage restoration work. It engulfs hours that you just can’t charge out,” explains Barry.

When asked about the advancements in truck builds and automated technology, Barry says “trucks are a better product these days; they offer a better ride. They are more ‘car like’, but to go down that track, they have to be made from materials that aren’t repairable. They are a different construction.”

“Newer trucks get to a stage where they aren’t repairable, whereas an older model – say 20 years older, with a similar cab, in a similar crash – may be repairable. There’s a lot of replacement work on newer trucks, especially with the plastics.

“But newer trucks are a lot more comfortable, and much more driver friendly. Driving a truck isn’t the same these days as it used to be. The older trucks took a lot more of a beating than the new ones would. A lot of the operational side is easier these days in terms of gear shifts etcetera. They are a lot more comfortable, and more driver friendly.”

All things considered though, Barry’s thoughts are best summed up with one jovial statement.

“The best truck you can buy is a brand new one!”



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