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Understanding "bailment".

If you or your employees take possession of goods or equipment that you don't own, you need to understand your legal responsibilities.

If you're transporting or responsible for goods owned by a third party, it's essential that you understand the legal term "bailment".

Our legal expert, Gillian Bristow, make this complex term simple:

If you've got a legal question you'd like Gillian to answer, head to the Truck Assist Club forums and leave us a note.  Remember, we're here to make life easier for you!



Gillian Bristow | Special Counsel - Cooper Grace Ward Lawyers

Gillian is a special counsel in Cooper Grace Ward’s transport and logistics team and has practised in the transport sector for more than 25 years. Gillian acts for a wide variety of transport and logistics clients across all jurisdictions. She regularly presents at industry events and also delivers training programs for transport operators and supply chain participants.

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