Yes, insurance can be boring and a bit confusing, but it's important stuff you need to know to help protect your business!

The good news is we've got your back and we're here to help with our Drive Pack insurance policy. 

Drive Pack is uniquely designed to meet the needs of Australian truck owners and operators - whether you're in the transport industry or use a truck for your trade.

Drive Pack includes three products:


Comprehensive Motor Cover, including third party liability, for your trucks, trailers, plant & machinery.


Downtime Cover to look after your business expenses when your vehicle is off the road due to an accident. 


Access to our Breakdown Service to provide you with roadside assistance.

If you have an accident, we support you with:


Broken down or need assistance? You only need to know one number: 1800 827 747


Our Customer Care team has a 4.6/5 customer satisfaction rating.