ATA on board as partner for Safety Week


APRIL 2018


The Australian Trucking Association has signed on as a principal partner of Yellow Ribbon National Road Safety Week, organised by pressure group Safer Australian Roads and Highways (SARAH).


The group joins the Australian Automobile Association, Altus Traffic Australia, Ennis-Flint Australia and Road Safety Education as principal partners of the initiative, which holds the awareness campaign annually in the week before Mother’s Day.


Aside from holding the safety week, which this year will go from 30 April to 6 May, SARAH also campaigns for changes to road safety policy and lobbies for renewal of poor infrastructure and for drivers to take greater responsibility.


ATA CEO Ben Maguire said the ATA would work with SARAH and its National Road Safety Week campaign to further promote road safety in and around trucks.


"The ATA and SARAH will be working together to directly support the development of a positive road safety culture, both in the promotion of safety within the industry and importantly, in the way the general public interact with heavy vehicles," he said.


"The safety of our members’ drivers, and of course the safety of every road user, is central to our operations.


"Our work with SARAH and the promotion of National Road Safety Week is a clear demonstration of this commitment."

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