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Anger Management

It seems we are living in an increasingly angry society. People are steaming inside, and it doesn't take much to get them to blow their top!

We Live in An Angry Society

Every other day we see or experience anger that's gotten out of control, for example:

  • the epidemic of road rage;
  • the heated debate over the same sex marriage survey;
  • the tapping foot and impatient huffs while waiting in the supermarket queue.

There is nothing wrong with anger in itself - it's a normal, human, emotion.
However it's what we do with that anger which can ruin possessions, relationships and even lives.

The Positives of Anger

Anger can be a great motivator - it can propel you into action, to address injustice or change the status quo.

Or - have you ever found yourself scrubbing the shower, or tackling an overgrown garden bed when something (or somebody) has really ticked you off?!

It's when we allow anger to manifest inappropriately, that it can cause real damage.

Anger And Relationships

It is an unfortunate fact of life, that our nearest and dearest tend to be the ones most often on the receiving end of our anger.

We've all lashed out with unkind words when we are tired, impatient, and have had a bad day, often at somebody who really doesn't deserve to be spoken to that way.

If we are lucky they forgive us and make allowances, but over time it can chisel away at even the strongest of relationships ...

At its worst, anger can result in aggression, violence and trouble with the law.
Uncontrolled anger can also take a toll on our physical health, leading to issues such as high blood pressure, muscle tension, substance abuse, heart attack, and stroke.

Anger Management Counselling

If you sense (or have been told) that your anger is getting out of hand, a psychologist can assist you with:

  • addressing any underlying issues;
  • identifying your triggers;
  • recognising when the pressure is mounting inside you;
  • exploring options for dealing with anger;
  • and equipping you with strategies to better handle your ferocious feelings.

In anger management counselling at our Gold Coast psychology clinic, we may draw on therapeutic techniques such as cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness, conversations of alignment, emotional anchoring, and the use of motivational-insight cards.

In keeping with our holistic approach, we may also recommend:

  • Improving your nutrition and exercise habits;
  • The Guidelight Saturday morning Yoga Group;
  • Our Wellness in the Wilderness Day; and
  • Calming the Heart techniques.


By Peter Doyle, Founder - Guidelight Psychology, Counselling Psychologist and Organisational Psychologist

As a young man, Peter enjoyed a knockabout North Queensland life where he worked in truck deliveries and warehouse unloading for the food service industry. The colourful friendships and old school learning he gained from his time in this industry has been priceless to the development of his character, and insights about the value of working hard & keeping your word!

Nowadays, Peter is an endorsed Counselling Psychologist and Organisational Psychologist, as well as the founder of Guidelight Psychology. Over the past 25 years, Guidelight has helped thousands of individuals, couples, families and business. Peter finds it particularly rewarding to help his clients find solutions, and gain results, across all types of people and performance problems.