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Jamesys Mowing & Landscaping with Jeremy and Kelly James

Based in Moree NSW, Jeremy and Kelly James have been successfully operating their landscaping and gardening business for just over 12 months.

With over 20 years of combined horticulture industry knowledge, Jeremy and his team have fast established themselves as one of Northern New South Wale’s landscaping and gardening specialists.

“Jeremy has over 20 years’ experience in the horticulture industry and after 10 years of managing the parks, ovals and open spaces for Moree Plains Shire Council he decided he wanted a business of his own,” Kelly proudly exclaimed.

As with any business, considering and planning for potential risks is vital, with the experience often proving daunting, due to the amount of choice.

With this in mind, Jeremy and Kelly set about to find the perfect insurance and roadside assistance option for their vehicle.

“Our equipment purchase was pretty straight forward but we needed to ensure we had the right insurance and roadside assistance available as Jeremy is servicing locals within a 100km radius of Moree, which includes some pretty isolated areas along the highway.”

“We have 3 small children and his business is our business, knowing our truck asset is covered and there is the assistance there when we need it, means one less thing to worry about.”

Jeremy and Kelly appreciated all the offerings from Truck Assist and took comfort knowing that they truly understood all that matters to their business…. and that is why for Jeremy and Kelly, Truck Assist made perfect sense.

“Our whole experience this year with Truck Assist has been smooth and hassle free. It’s been a really positive and rewarding experience.”