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JHB Shopfitters with the LeBrocq family

It’s been nine years since JHB started their specialist shopfitting operations, working to fit, renovate and relocate stores for companies like Tatts Lotto.

Named after the initials of their three sons, Jack, Harry and Bill, JHB is a true blue family business and loyal, valued customers of Truck Assist, that’s why we prefer to think of the JHB team as mates.

Keeping the boys on the job is a top priority, so, like many other business owners around the country, they have relied on Truck Assist to keep them up and running.

As they use their truck, Betsy daily to transport their truck load of tools and equipment between jobs, it’s easy to see why covering their pride and joy, was a necessity for the smooth operation of the company.

From Victoria to South Australia and beyond, Truck Assist’s nationwide coverage and 24/7 customer service was a big plus for JHB when it came to choosing insurance for their truck.

Our convenient and quick online quote and purchase platform makes it simple to get covered, while our clear policy wording, straightforward claims process and customer support provides them with peace of mind.

If there is a breakdown or an accident, they’re covered thanks to our Drive Pack and Roadside Assistance.   

Our comprehensive Roadside Assistance and Drive Pack truck insurance means JHB know we have their backs no matter what, no matter when.

Watch the video to hear how our specialised cover has kept the LeBrocq family business moving.

Need to get your truck covered? Get a quote and purchase online right here, right now.