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Skydeck Australia with Leo Kriticos

As Australia’s premier supplier of height solution equipment, and one of the country’s leading plant and access providers, Skydeck is the go-to for an impressive list of tier one clients.

In just five years, Leo has grown his company from a small business servicing parts of Queensland to a large scale operation with nation-wide coverage working on some of Australia’s largest projects.

“It’s not by accident that Skydeck has grown exponentially and so successfully. From the beginning we experimented with measures to protect our business, and benefit our customer base, but that also allowed us to grow and evolve at the same time. It really has been about getting that balance right,” Leo Kriticos, Director, Skydeck Australia said.

To ensure their staff are highly skilled and across the latest developments within the industry, Leo will return to Germany later this year to undertake specialised training, his second trip in the last two years.

This training will then be shared with the entire team, who will then also train customers as required.

“It is all part of this bigger picture reliability package, ensuring our staff are as knowledgeable as possible, but also that we are minimising risk for them and for our clients, whilst implementing best practice. We are responsible for the lives of our staff and the most important thing is that they go home to their families each and every night.”

“We not only have a legislative responsibility that our staff are properly trained and equipped but a moral one as well,” Leo explained.

It is this commitment to risk minimisation that has seen Skydeck partner with the major players within the renewable energy industry including GE over the last few months and more recently, with Goldwind on Stockyard Hill, the largest renewable energy wind project in Australia.

Skydeck’s responsibility on the almost one billion dollar project, includes the provision of equipment, including helicopter services on select days of the project to run cables,  specialist consultation, and safety control.

“We take projects like the Stockyard Hill very seriously, on any given day, we are working with multiple teams, and very expensive assets.”

“That is why we do everything possible to minimise risk, there are of course going to be things you can’t control like the weather but something like an unexpected breakdown can cause major issues for everyone, with a ripple effect that leads to a significant blow out.”

“Think about it, if a piece of our machinery breaks down in a remote location, we all of a sudden have teams of people standing around getting no work done and then we have people that should be doing other things wasting their time, trying to implement a solution, and then the delays impact other works and before you know it we are dealing with a blowout north of $100K.”

For the Skydeck team, peace of mind, comes in the form of Truck Assist, roadside assistance provider.

“When running a business, I don’t have time to deal with even the smallest of mechanical issues nor do my team.”

“Truck Assist basically acts as a trouble shooter for our business, with one phone call, the responsibility and worry is handed over and we can get on with it. Having a partner like Truck Assist ensures the client is not disadvantaged, the team continues to work and someone else with the expertise sorts out the issue in the background. ”

When it came to the Skydeck truck fleet, Leo was looking for a partner that understood his business and that was able to provide strong National coverage, 24/7.   

“We have been with Truck Assist for just under two years and it’s been a real game changer, in doing our research we quickly realised the offerings from Truck Assist could not be matched by any of their competitors and the range of services they offered extended beyond our expectations of roadside assistance. It was a win-win really.”

Onsite at Stockyard Hill, in Victoria, Leo knows that should an issue unfold, he can rely on Truck Assist to draw on their list of preferred and trusted suppliers to assist, whether it be for towing, or offsite or onsite repairs.

“For us, Truck Assist is an extension of our business, their services complement our offering and allow to build on the value and quality of work we provide to our clients.”