Frequently Asked Questions About Roadside Truck Assistance

Frequently Asked Questions
About Roadside
Truck Assistance

Truck Assist is designed to provide
you with a capped limit of roadside care
that keeps you out of trouble on the road.

Need Help? Call 1800 827 747

Truck Assist is designed to provide you with a capped limit of roadside care that keeps you out of trouble on the road.
Need Help? Call 1800 827 747
Certainly, you can purchase cover for up to 5 trucks at a time online. If your fleet is larger than 5 trucks, please contact Truck Assist on 1800 827 747 to discuss your options.
As the cover is based on the truck/s not the individual, there is no need to have separate cover.
Absolutely, you can purchase this cover on behalf of someone else, or for a truck you operate.
Cover can be purchased in either a business or personal name.
Cover runs for a 12 month period. There is just one simple upfront cost payable by credit card or Visa/MasterCard debit online or over the phone.
Our call centre can organise alternative transport for your driver and/or passengers, i.e. taxi/cab booking etc., however the driver is responsible for these costs at the time of service.
If your load requires delivery to a destination which differs from the towing destination, costs incurred for the drop off could be the responsibility of the driver at the time of the service if the additional towing falls outside of your limits.
The responsibility of your cargo/tools etc. is the sole responsibility of the driver/owner of the truck.
Your truck will be towed to the nearest Truck Assist Service Provider.
Truck Assist has developed a comprehensive network of providers that will respond professionally 24/7. There may be exceptions where we will engage outside of this network.
As long as the repair is within the limits of your entitlements outlined in the Truck Assist roadside entitlements brochure no further contribution will be required.
Yes, please advise us as soon as possible so that we can cancel our service provider.
Yes, in these cases we will always attempt to a conference call between yourself and a service provider prior to attendance.
All calls are attended to ASAP. Response time is dependent on many factors such as; traffic, location, time of day etc. However, when a service provider is engaged we are usually able to provide an ETA.
Yes, Truck Assist Roadside has National coverage, utilising a national network of service providers. In remote or sparsely populated areas you may experience delays in obtaining assistance due to your location.
Yes, if the accessory that has stopped functioning renders your truck unable to be driven. A service provider may attend the site or we may tow the truck to a service provider.
Yes, Truck Assist uses a recognised interpreter service that has access to over 160 languages.
If you change your truck's registration number simply send email to advising of your previous rego number along with the new rego and it will be updated in our systems.
Unfortunately the service cover does not transfer to the new owner and the service is not refundable.

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