About Drive Pack

Drive Pack is uniquely designed to meet the needs of truck owners and operators. Truck Assist makes it simple to purchase insurance and protect your business.  We’ve got your back no matter what, no matter when.


Drive Pack includes three products:


Comprehensive Motor Cover

Drive Pack provides comprehensive motor cover, including third party liability, for your truck, trailers, plant and machinery.

It also includes:

  • New Vehicle Replacement for:
    Motor Vehicles under 3 years old*
    Mobile Plant under 2 years old*
  • Ability to adjust your excess and save premium*
  • Cover for accessories such as chains and tarps, and personal effects
  • Trauma counselling
  • Emergency accommodation

Optional extensions available:

  • Agreed value option on trucks under 4.5T GVM*
  • Excess free windscreen claim
  • Up to 7 days truck hire after an accident*

*Conditions apply.


Downtime cover

Our downtime cover looks after your business expenses when your vehicle is off the road due to an accident.

  • Automatic cover of $500 per week for up to 4 weeks (1 week excess applies)
  • Includes ability to personalise your cover by:
    Extending the period of cover
    Tailoring the amount of money you require per week


Access to our Breakdown Service

Let's break it down. This inclusion in Drive Pack provides a basic level of roadside services up to $300 in the event of a breakdown.

If you have an accident, we support you with:


24/7 Truck Assist accident and claims management.


Access to our preferred repairer networks.