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Equipment & Machinery Insurance you can trust

Equipment & Machinery Insurance you can trust

You wouldn’t ask a bus driver to fly a jet. And you wouldn’t ask just anyone to look after your equipment and machinery insurance.  Simple, flexible and fast, Drive Pack Plus is hard-working, specialist equipment and machinery insurance designed by people who understand how your business - and your vehicles - operate

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What’s included

It's our job to help keep our customers' business and machinery in good working order. As well as cover for your plant and equipment, trucks and trailers, Drive Pack Plus equipment and machinery insurance includes Roadside Assistance and Downtime cover as standard for eligible vehicles. And with our new 24/7 self-service portal, lodging claims or making changes to your cover has never been easier. 

  • Motor Cover

    Rest easy with Commercial Motor cover for your mobile plant, equipment, machinery, trucks and trailer needs.

    Cover includes*:

    • Loss or damage due to accident or theft
    • Vehicle replacements for mobile plant  less than 2 years old and vehicles less than 3 years old 
    • Accessories like chains, tarps, spare parts and personal belongings
    • Trauma counselling
    • Emergency accommodation for accidents involving motor vehicles

  • Downtime

    Keep control of your cash flow with regular payments to tide you over while your gear’s out of action.

    Cover includes:

    • Weekly payments while your truck or mobile plant gets repaired
    • Customisable to suit the needs of your business

  • Roadside Assistance

    Get your truck back on the road faster with 24/7 Australia-wide breakdown assistance and support from our specialist mobile truck mechanics and towing professionals. 

    Cover includes:

    • Truck Assist Premium Roadside Assistance 
    • Emergency fuel delivery
    • Tyre or wheel change
    • Flat battery
    • Lockout
    • Hydraulic hose repairs
    • Towing
    • Message relay

*Subject to limits and exclusions

Optional Extras

Need extra cover but don’t want to muck around arranging multiple policies? We’ve designed it so you don’t have to. Beef up your policy and save yourself time with our Public & Products Liability, Goods in Transit or Work Tools Cover options if eligible.  

  • Public & Products Liability

    Owning a business comes with responsibility and risk. Protect yourself from expensive legal claims with liability insurance to protect your business.

    Provides cover for*: 

    • Personal Injury to members of the public
    • Damage to third party property
    • Legal costs to defend and settle a covered claim
    • Optional Consumer Protection for liabilities arising from the actions of employees for either QLD electrical work or Victorian plumbing work.

  • Goods in Transit Cover

    We help protect businesses that move gear. We take the pressure off with Goods in Transit cover to protect your cargo while it’s on the move.  

    Cover includes

    • Accidental loss or damage 
    • Deliberate acts by a third party (including theft)
    • Shipping containers, packaging and carriage equipment

  • Work Tools Cover

    Can’t do your job without the tools of your trade? From power tools to laptops, our Portable Work Tools cover means your kit’s protected.

    Cover includes 

    Accidental damage and theft from locked vehicles or premises for...

    • Portable Work Tools like power tools and hand held equipment
    • Portable electronic work equipment like mobile phones and laptops
    • Portable Surveying Equipment your business owns

*Subject to limits and exclusions

Get a quote in minutes

We know your time is precious - so we’ve designed our quote process to take up as little of it as possible. Get an online equipment and machinery insurance quote today in just a couple of clicks - and get back to doing what you do best. 

Who we’re for

From diggers to dump trucks, excavators to earthmovers, no one knows equipment and machinery quite like us. Here are just some of the industries we service. 

  • Trade services

    With handy options like Work Tools Cover and Public & Products Liability worksite, plus nationwide roadside assistance support from our team of specialist truck mechanics, it’s no surprise we’re the top choice for tradies. Find out more.

  • Construction 

    Specialist equipment needs specialist insurance. That’s why construction firms right across Australia use Truck Assist to cover all their work vehicles - from trucks and trailers through to equipment, plant and machinery. 

  • Transport

    Our tailor-made options are a big tick in the box for transport businesses who need to keep their trucks moving and their cargo safe at all times. From Goods in Transit to Downtime, we’ve got you protected. 

  • Manufacturing

    Our Commercial Motor helps equipment-heavy manufacturing businesses down to the ground. With cover to protect machinery, equipment and vehicles, Drive Pack Plus provides a package deal. Find out more.

  • Retail & wholesale trade

    With no-nonsense truck insurance for retailers and wholesalers plus Goods in Transit cover for while on the road, we look after stock and work vehicles all the way from the stockroom to the living room. Find out more.

  • Small business

    We’re the preferred truck insurance provider for small to medium sized Aussie businesses across a whole heap of industries. If a business relies on equipment, machinery and trucks to get the job done, they won’t find a better match than Truck Assist.  

50+ years of equipment & machinery know-how

When you take out a policy with Truck Assist, you’re not just getting simple, no-nonsense equipment and machinery insurance. Because we’re backed by NTI - Australia’s largest and most trusted insurance provider for transport & logistics  - you’ll benefit from NTI’s expert knowledge, quality service and nationwide roadside assistance network - wherever, whenever. 


  • Drive Pack Plus is a packaged all-in-one cover for all of your equipment, plant and mobile machinery. It's purpose-built for hard-working businesses with a lot of specialist gear and heavy duty machinery.  It comes with round-the-clock, nationwide roadside assistance to get you back on the road fast and Downtime Cover to help with cash flow while your equipment's being fixed.  

    You can also boost your cover with added extras like Public & Products Liability to protect your business against legal claims, as well as Work Tools Cover and Goods in Transit Cover - so you can have your equipment, your tools insurance and your cargo all covered under the one single machinery insurance policy. Job done. 

  • The short answer is: we do! As well as covering all your equipment, machinery and work vehicles, we also provide a heap of additional benefits for the operator or driver. These include trauma counselling, help with taxi fees after an accident, and even getting your family to the hospital if you're being treated a long way from home. Find out more.

  • Work tools aren't covered under your standard equipment and machinery insurance policy, which is limited to working accessories like buckets, chain trenchers, rock breakers, as well as tailgate loaders and HIAB crane arms (as long as they're attached to, in or on your work vehicle). But the good news is you can still protect your tools by adding Work Tools Cover to your Drive Pack Plus equipment insurance policy, if eligible. It can cover you in the event of accidental damage or theft and includes stuff like power tools, handheld tools and business equipment like laptops and smartphones. 

  • While commercial motor insurance policies will often insure equipment, machinery and trucks, they tend to treat them the same as cars. But as anyone who operates heavy duty machinery will know, you can't just go to a car mechanic when something goes wrong. You need a specialist repairer - and a specialist machinery insurance provider. 

    Drive Pack Plus goes beyond just fixing up your equipment and covering your costs if you have an accident or your machine is stolen. With instalments made monthly or annually, you can access all of the following as standard:

    • Comprehensive commercial motor cover for equipment, plant and machinery - and work trucks and trailers too
    • Round-the-clock roadside assistance with nationwide coverage 
    •  Downtime Cover in the form of regular payments to tide you over while your equipment gets repaired

    We also offer a range of optional extras like Goods in Transit Cover, Work Tools Cover, and Public & Products Liability. 

  • If you or your team operates heavy duty gear, you should contact a specialist insurance provider like Truck Assist to see if we can help.   Our policy is tailored with features to  fit hardworking businesses like yours.  It includes comprehensive commercial motor insurance for your equipment, plant, machinery, trucks and trailers - including damage caused by your registered vehicle - as well as roadside assistance, access to a nationwide specialist repair network, variable excess (if applicable) and pay by the month options. Plus, you can add on policy extras - like tools insurance and cover to protect goods in transit.

  • Well, there's a whole range of factors that can affect your equipment and machinery insurance costs. For example, the type of machinery, its value, where it's stored and how it's used. We also take into account your business experience and whether you've made any previous claims. Last but not least, if you choose any policy add-ons (like Public & Products Liability or Work Tools Cover) that will also affect how much you pay.

    You can get an equipment and machinery insurance quote in a couple of clicks using our online quoting process.

  • Drive Pack Plus is purpose-built for businesses that use a range of hard-working equipment on the daily. That's why our policy insures all kinds of work vehicles - from equipment, machinery and small mobile plant items to most rigid trucks and trailers. We can also accommodate some Prime mover operations. For a full list of the types of vehicles we insure, give us a call.

  • Liability insurance is a type of cover that aims to protect your business against compensation claims by members of the public. Let's say someone had an accident or their property got damaged in the course of your business activities. If they decided to make a claim against you, your liability insurance would cover any legal defence and representation costs, as well as the cost of settling their claim. You don't have to take out a separate policy either: just add Public and Products Liability to your equipment and machinery insurance. Job done. 

  • Goods in Transit covers you against loss or accidental damage to any goods, supplies or equipment (yours or someone else's) while they're on the move from one location to another. So let's say you're delivering products to a customer or stock to a new premises and the items are dropped or damaged on route - your Goods in Transit insurance could cover that cost (as long as it happens within Australia).

  • Work Tools Cover is there to protect your Portable Power Tools and equipment (like compressors, welders and cement skimmers), Portable Electronics (like laptops and mobile phones) and Portable Surveying Equipment (like laser levellers or photographic and video equipment). It can be easily added to your existing equipment and machinery insurance policy and covers you in the event of accidental damage or theft from a locked vehicle.   

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