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Trucking good insurance

Trucking good insurance

Endless hold music. Hours stuck on the phone.  No one’s got time for that - so neither do we. Get on the road faster with Drive Pack Plus: simple, no-nonsense truck insurance built for people on the go. Get an online quote from us, Australia’s truck insurance experts, in just a few clicks.  

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Before you start, make sure you have your Registration/VIN number, vehicle details and ABN.

What’s included

Keeping you and your trucks moving is what we do. As well as Commercial Motor cover, your Drive Pack Plus truck insurance comes with Roadside Assistance and Downtime cover as standard for eligible vehicles, plus easy online changes to cover and lodgement of claims through our 24/7 self-service portal. So even when the worst happens, we’re here to help.  

  • Motor Cover

    Rest easy with Commercial Motor insurance for your trucks, trailers, mobile plant and equipment.*

    Cover includes

    • Loss or damage due to accident or theft
    • Vehicle replacements for vehicles less than 3 years old and mobile plant less than 2 years old
    • Accessories like chains, tarps, spare parts and personal belongings
    • Trauma counselling
    • Emergency accommodation for accidents involving motor vehicles
  • Roadside Assistance

    Get your truck back on the road faster with 24/7 Australia-wide roadside assistance and support from our specialist mobile truck mechanics and towing professionals. 

    Cover includes

    • Truck Assist Roadside Assistance 
    • Emergency fuel delivery
    • Tyre or wheel change
    • Flat battery
    • Lockout
    • Hydraulic hose repairs
    • Towing
    • Message relay
  • Downtime

    Keep control of your cash flow with regular payments to tide you over while your gear’s out of action.

    Cover includes

    • Weekly payments while your truck or mobile plant gets repaired
    • Customisable to suit the needs of your business

*Subject to limits and exclusions

Optional Extras

Need extra cover but don’t want to muck around arranging multiple policies? We’ve designed it so you don’t have to. Beef up your truck insurance policy and save yourself time with our Public & Products Liability, Goods in Transit or Work Tools Cover options where eligible.  

  • Public & Products Liability

    Owning a business comes with responsibility and risk. Protect yourself from expensive legal claims with liability insurance to protect your business.

    Provides cover for*

    • Personal Injury to members of the public
    • Property damage to third parties
    • Legal costs to defend and settle a covered claim
    • Optional Consumer Protection for liabilities arising from the actions of employees for either QLD electrical work or Victorian plumbing work.

  • Goods in Transit Cover

    Are you transporting goods, supplies or equipment or relying on someone to move them for you? Take the pressure off with cover that offers protection during transit right across Australia. 

    Cover includes*:

    • Accidental loss or damage 
    • Deliberate acts by a third party (including theft)
    • Shipping containers, packaging and carriage equipment
  • Work Tools Cover

    Can’t do your job without the tools of your trade? From power tools to laptops, our Portable Work Tools cover means your kit’s protected.

    Cover includes*:

    Accidental damage and theft from locked vehicles or premises for...

    • Portable Work Tools like power tools and hand held equipment
    • Portable electronic work equipment like mobile phones and laptops
    • Portable Surveying Equipment your business owns

*Subject to limits and exclusions

Get a quote in minutes

You’re busy. We get it. That’s why we’ve made our online quote process smooth, simple and, above all, fast. Get a truck insurance quote in less time than it takes to drink your morning coffee.

Who we’re for

From pantechs to tippers, flat decks to service bodies, we know work vehicles like no one else. Check out some of the industries we keep moving. 

  • Trade Services

    With tailor-made truck insurance options like Work Tools cover and Public & Products Liability as well as the most reliable truck breakdown network in Australia, it’s no wonder Aussie tradies prefer Truck Assist. Find out how we can help your trade business.

  • Construction 

    Equipment-heavy worksites… workers, vehicles and tools that are always on the move… construction firms need insurance providers they can rely on, 24/7. With Drive Pack Plus and additional Goods in Transit and Public and Products Liability options, we’ve got you and your gear covered. 

  • Transport

    With our specialist truck service providers, Goods in Transit, Public & Products Liability and Downtime, we keep transport businesses (and your cargo) on the road, year in, year out. 

  • Manufacturing

    Our comprehensive cover helps equipment-heavy manufacturing businesses down to the ground. With insurance & roadside assistance for your trucks, mobile equipment & machinery, Drive Pack Plus is a package deal. Find out more.

  • Retail & wholesale trade

    We’re purpose-built for businesses that rely on moving goods from A to B - whether that’s in the warehouse or on the road. With Drive Pack Plus and Goods in Transit cover, you can stay focused on the job at hand.  Find out more.

  • Small business

    There’s a reason we’re the top truck insurance  and roadside assistance choice for small to medium sized businesses right around Australia.  Whatever sector you’re in, if you operate machinery or drive a truck, our simple, no nonsense cover can’t be beat.

Keeping Australia moving since 1971

When you take out a policy with Truck Assist, you’re getting more than just simple, no-nonsense truck insurance. We’re backed by NTI - Australia’s largest and most trusted insurance provider for transport & logistics . That means you’ll benefit from NTI’s expert knowledge, top notch service and Australia-wide roadside assistance network, every single day of your cover. It’s a win-win.  


  • Drive Pack Plus is specialist, commercial truck insurance designed specifically for small to medium sized businesses who rely on trucks to get the job done. Every eligible policy comes with 24/7, Australia-wide roadside assistance (so you know you'll be looked after if you break down) and Downtime Cover (regular payments to help with cash flow while your truck's being repaired).  

    For a fee, you can even add on handy extras - like Work Tools Cover to protect your kit while you're on the road, Public & Products Liability to protect your business against expensive legal claims and Goods in Transit Cover to keep your cargo safe while you're driving from A to B.  Think of it as a truck insurance policy that covers more than just your vehicle so businesses and trucks can keep moving - all day, every day.

  • Don't worry! The driver will be just as well looked after as their truck. In fact, many of our extra benefits are for the person behind the wheel. If you've had an accident, things we can help with include the cost of a taxi to get you home, trauma counselling, transport for your family if you're hospitalised away from home and heaps more. Find out more.

  • Not under your standard truck insurance policy, no. But, if eligible, you can easily add Work Tools Cover to your policy if you want to protect them against accidental damage and theft. It'll cover you for things like power tools, hand held equipment, laptops and mobile phones.  For the record, the term 'accessories' refers to bigger ticket items that are attached to, in or on your truck or mobile plant - like buckets, chain trenchers, rock breakers, HIAB crane arms and tailgate loaders. Check out the full list of what's included here.

  • While plenty of commercial motor insurance policies cover trucks, they generally treat them the same as cars. Problem is, trucks are very different to insure and repair.  They need specialist mechanics and repairs can be pretty expensive compared to your average sedan or hatchback. When the worst happens, you want to know that you're sufficiently covered and that the people fixing up your wheels really know their stuff. 

    Drive Pack Plus goes beyond just repairing your truck and covering costs related to an accident, breakdown or theft. With instalments made monthly or annually, your policy includes:

    • Comprehensive commercial motor insurance - not only for work trucks but also for trailers, plant and machinery
    • 24/7 roadside assistance if you break down, need a jumpstart or a replacement tyre
    • Downtime Cover in the form of regular payments while your truck's being fixed after an accident

    And, because we're experts in working with businesses like yours, we've thought of things that most general insurers wouldn't - it's why we offer handy add-ons like Work Tools Cover, Goods in Transit Cover and Public & Products Liability.

  • Whether you're a builder, a gardener, a chippie, a plumber (or something else entirely), if you rely on your truck to get the job done you can contact a specialist truck insurance provider  like us to help you. We offer comprehensive commercial truck insurance for trucks, trailers, equipment, plant and machinery (which can include damage caused by your registered vehicle). Your policy could also include things like roadside assistance, variable excess options and priority access to specialist truck repairers, as well as pay by the month options to help with cash flow.

    Drive Pack Plus includes all of the above features and benefits, along with a range of truck-specific add-ons that general motor insurers don't typically offer.  

  • The short answer is: it varies. Your truck insurance premium depends on a few different factors - like the type of truck you drive, how much it's worth, what it's used for and where you keep it... as well as the distance you travel and the policy add-ons you select. We also take your claims history and business experience into consideration.

    To get a quick quote, use our online quoting system and we'll give you an answer in just a few clicks.

  • Our Drive Pack Plus truck insurance policy is pretty wide-ranging. Not only does it cover most rigid trucks and trailers, it also includes your equipment, machinery and small mobile plant items. We even insure some Prime mover operations. To find out more, give us a call

  • If you're a tradie or run a small business, chances are you'll be dealing with members of the public. So what happens if someone gets injured or their property gets damaged as a result of something you've done or products you've provided? Liability insurance covers you for compensation claims that might be made against you in these kind of situations. It includes things like your legal defence and representation costs, and the cost of settling the third party's claim (if necessary). Fingers crossed, you'll never have to use it - but it's good to know you're covered if something goes wrong.

  • If you use your truck to move goods, supplies or equipment from one place to another, Goods in Transit insurance can help cover you if your cargo gets damaged or even destroyed while you're on the road. It doesn't matter if it's your stuff or someone else's, if it's in your truck (and you're travelling within Australia) then you're covered against loss and accidental damage. 

  • Work Tools Cover is there to make sure the tools of your trade are protected in the event of accidental damage or theft - stuff like handheld power tools, portable electronics, and portable surveying equipment. If you regularly keep work tools in your truck, it might come in pretty handy.

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