Like any insurance policy, Truck Assist's Drive Pack truck insurance has some detailed documents that contain important information regarding the significant features, benefits, and exclusions involved with your Drive Pack truck insurance policy with Truck Assist.

Products Disclosure Statement (PDS)

The Drive Pack Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and Policy Wording is crucial to understanding your Truck Assist truck insurance policy. This PDS has been prepared to help truck owners and operators understand the full extent of their coverage under the Drive Pack policy. It sets out the terms, conditions, exclusions and limitations of Truck Assist's Drive Pack truck insurance policy in an easy to follow format.

Drive Pack Key Features Flyer

The Drive Pack Key Feature Flyer gives a brief overview of the key features in Truck Assist's Drive Pack truck insurance policy. Also make sure you read the Product Disclosure Statement above to understand full cover of your Drive Pack policy. But, for a quick glimpse at the best bits, download a copy of our Drive Pack Key Features flyer.

Truck Assist recognise that purchasing any type of insurance product can take time and deliberation. Truck Assist's Drive Pack truck insurance policy has been specifically constructed with Australia's truck owners and operators in mind. We've got your back no matter what, no matter when.


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