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Truck Insurance FAQs


Drive Pack

  • Drive Pack is uniquely designed to meet the needs of truck owners and operators. If your truck isn’t moving, we can help!

    Truck Assist makes it simple to purchase insurance and protect your business. We’ve got your back no matter what, no matter when. Drive Pack provides:

    • Comprehensive motor cover - loss or damage to Your Motor Vehicle arising out of an Accident or theft. Also including third party liability, for your trucks, trailers, plant and machinery.  Backed by 24/7 Truck Assist Accident Assistance and claims lodgement.
    • Downtime cover - looks after your business expenses when your eligible truck, trailer or mobile plant vehicle is not in use due to a registered claim.
    • You can tailor your limits to suit.  Cover will not apply unless it is noted on Your Policy Schedule under a specific Motor Vehicle item.
    • Breakdown Service - covers your vehicle for Roadside assistance in the event of a breakdown. This includes emergency fuel delivery, tyre/wheel change, flat battery, lockout, hydraulic hose repairs, towing and message relay.  

    24/7 Truck Assist Breakdown Assistance is there for you.  Call us on 1800TAssist or 1800 827 747.

    Up to $300 per Breakdown is provided automatically. Once Your Limit of Cover has been reached, any excess costs will be charged to You or Your driver prior to the services been undertaken. Additional cover is available under the Truck Assist Roadside product at

  • Business is all about people and we’re all too aware that accidents not only affect your vehicle but more importantly you and your people too.

    Drive Pack’s additional benefits range from basic help with the cost of a taxi after an accident, to things like trauma counselling and help with getting family to a driver hospitalised away from home and more. In fact over half of the additional benefits available in Drive Pack are aimed at helping you and your driver!

    Click here to check out the PDS in the Documents section on the insurance pages for full limits terms and conditions of these covers.

  • Consider - How much would it cost to replace your vehicle, including its attachments and accessories (excluding GST)?

    Why are we asking this?

    • If you have a claim, we will pay;
    • The replacement value (depending on the age of the item),or;
    • The lesser of; the amount you have selected, or the market value
    • How do I select my Sum Insured?

      Vehicles up to 3yrs old: Replacement cost, including on-road costs (like registration), for - all vehicles, other than mobile plant (up to 2yrs old); or concrete agitator truck, stock/tanker type trailer or other specialist application body type (up to 1yr old)

      Vehicles over 3yrs old: Market value (take into account condition, number of kms, age, body type, etc.  Websites for truck / mobile plant sales can also help)

      Note:  Vehicle age is based on the initial registration date.  Mobile plant is based on manufacture date.

    • Accessories - ensure your value includes these items
      Extras and Working Accessories (standard vehicle tools, tarps and gates, etc) (Drive Pack includes $5,000 automatic combined benefit). Other accessories such as Hiab crane arms, tailgate loaders
  • Some insurers expect you to list everything. Not us – if it’s part of the truck it’s covered.  

    To make things easy your Sum Insured includes all your attachments and fitted accessories.  Just make sure your Sum Insured reflects this!

  • Accessories include

    • Extras and Working Accessories (standard vehicle tools, tarps and gates, etc) (Drive Pack includes $5,000 automatic combined benefit)
    • Other accessories such as Hiab crane arms, tailgate loaders
  • No. Items such as power tools or the like used away from your vehicle are not covered under Drive Pack. A general property or business insurance cover may help you here.

    What is covered


    • (a) accessories (including built-in radio/CB radio/fixed telephone/refrigerator/TV receiver/CD player);
    • (b) tools and spare parts that the manufacturer supplies as standard equipment; and
    • (c) tarps, gates, chains, chain dogs, and the like.

    Working Accessories:

    • Accessories that You own or lease that are normally attached to or in or on Your Motor Vehicle including - buckets, chain trencher, hammer; pallet forks post hole borer, ramps, rippers; rock breaker, sweeper and lasers.
    • $5,000 automatic combined benefit provided for Extras and Working Accessories.  If you need more, please ensure your Sum Insured reflects this.
    • Other attachments & accessories:
    • Hiab crane arms, tailgate loaders, etc

    Please ensure the Sum Insured reflects the value of these items

  • You need to ensure you and your drivers have the appropriate licence class for vehicle. If unsure, contact your local state road authority.

  • Conditions for driver/operators are outlined in the PDS.

    Conditions also apply when it comes to Prime Movers.  Dangerous Goods – placard load quantities are excluded.  Radius limits apply to Livestock & Refrigerated cargo. This is also defined in the PDS.

  • What is it? We provide cover for a single trailer that is used in connection with a prime mover or a rigid body truck insured under this Policy.

    Do I need to pay for this? Drive Pack provides Non-owned trailer (Trailer in Control) cover for damage to one non-owned trailer. Your policy gets up to $75,000 as an automatic benefit.

    If the trailer has a higher value, or your need another trailer, you can add this as an item to your policy schedule, subject to an extra premium.  Call TACC on 1800 TAssist or 1800 827 747 - they can do this over the phone. 

  • Call TACC on 1800 TAssist or 1800 827 747 - they can do this over the phone.

  • Breakdown Service is an automatic roadside benefit in your Drive Pack Product, which cannot be removed.

    Up to $300 limit of cover is provided per breakdown under Drive Pack.  This is in addition to the limit under your Truck Assist Roadside product – giving you a higher combined limit.


  • By all means!

    No-one buys without checking out the price first. The quote process is pretty quick. Just run through you details and see if the price suits your needs. You can quit out of the process at any point.

  • So long as the internet does what it’s supposed to do and you know your ABN and rego number you’ll have a quote on your truck before the ad break finishes!

    After that, it all depends on how long you’re happy to spend exploring and adjusting covers to suits your needs.

  • If you know your ABN, email address, mobile phone number and your truck’s truck rego number then you should have almost everything you need to get a quote!

  • It’s hard enough to remember what happened last week let alone the details of claim up to 3 years ago. So we’ve kept it simple!

    All you need to get a quote is the total number of claims involving your trucks and equipment and the total estimate value of them in the last 3 years.

    We’re your truck and equipment experts so we don’t need to know about your car and ute claims...

    Nor are we going to hold it against you if you've hail & storm claims- we know you can just be unlucky!

    We may however request that you obtain detailed written claims histories from your previous insurer/s should you have a claim.

  • Our Drive Pack insurance policy can cover most Rigid trucks, trailers and small mobile plant items, ranging from those engaged in trades to deliveries and general transport operations.

    We can also accommodate some Prime mover operations.

  • As with High Risk Activities, there are certain occupations that require detailed advice & review to ensure your insurance adequately protects you.

    Drive Pack’s occupation selection will help advise if you're eligible for cover through us or if you may need to obtain more detailed advice.

  • Different occupations have different levels of risk and need different levels of advice.

    If you’re engaged in any of the following activates you should seek expert advice and contact your nearest insurance broker via, unless you already have someone acting on your behalf:

    • Cartage of Dangerous Goods (including Diesel cargo) or Asbestos
    • Cartage of refrigerated cargo/livestock using a Prime Mover over 450km radius from your base of operations
    • 24 hour transport operations
    • Two-up prime mover operations
    • Accident scene recovery
    • Accessing or operating airside or on airfields
    • Vehicles with fixed cooking apparatus (food trucks, caravans and the like)
    • Vehicles used for racing or testing purposes
    • Display in demonstrations, trade shows or like events (including circus, carnival, parade or film)
    • Hiring out any of your vehicles or equipment for another party's use (without you or your own drivers/operators)
    • Blasting or explosives work
    • Machinery used in Demolition Work
    • Operating on rail tracks
    • Operating on or over water
    • Operating underground at any time
    • Mobile / tower cranes (HIAB cranes or the like are permitted)
  • These are specialist services that require detailed insurance advice and policies tailored to specific needs.

    We recommend for these freight tasks or occupations that you contact your nearest insurance broker via, unless you already have someone acting on your behalf.

    Subject to underwriting guidelines, more appropriate covers may be available under NTI's Transport Package or Fleet policies.

  • The good news is - Drive Pack automatically includes limited Dangerous goods cover up to $1,250,000 (subject to policy terms and conditions).

    If you require a higher than this, we recommend seeking expert advice by contacting your nearest insurance broker via, unless you already have someone acting on your behalf - give them a buzz.

    Subject to underwriting guidelines more appropriate covers may be available under NTI's Transport Package or Yellow Cover policies.

  • Drive Pack’s online quote system can facilitate up to 10 units.

    If you have more than 10 items to insure we suggest you seek expert advice and contact your nearest insurance broker via, unless you already have someone acting on your behalf.

  • Everyone’s business is a little different, as is their insurance needs. Some occupations and specialist or high value vehicles need additional advice and the expert guidance an insurance broker can offer.

    We’ll let you know as best we can through the process on the reason why we may not be able to quote to you and if we can’t we’ll give you the details to seek out an insurance broker.

    You can also call the Truck Assist Customer Care Team on 1800 827 747 or log a call back request via the Truck Assist Contact page and we’ll run through the details with you.

  • We know every dollar counts so we’ve given you the ability to tailor and adjust the covers and excesses available on each vehicle you insure to suit both your needs and budget.

    There’s also the option to take a pay by the month option to help manage cash flow.

  • Don’t panic, our quote system has a link to the Australian business register in the “here to help” section!

    Or visit to check your ABN now.


  • You have two options available to you.

    1) You can reduce your cost by paying your annual payment in full by credit card, using Visa or MasterCard, or;
    2) You can choose “Monthly Deductions” from your nominated bank account or a credit card.

  • You pay your annual premium by 12 equal instalments over the period of insurance.
    Ie: total insurance premium divided by 12, equals your monthly instalment amount.

    Your first payment will be debited to your nominated account within 48 hours of accepting to place cover with Truck Assist.

  • You can reduce you cost by choosing to pay the annual payment in full.

  • In the event you cancel your Drive Pack policy, you will receive a refund of any premium paid to Truck Assist that is proportionate to your time on risk with Truck Assist.

  • In the event that you cancel your policy, your monthly instalments will cease to be taken from your account.

  • Contact our “Truck Assist Customer Care” (TACC) team on 1800 827 747, and they will help you make the necessary changes.


  • No. You only need to remember one number, 1800 T ASSIST (1800 827 747)

  • Simply call 1800 T ASSIST (1800 827 747)
    It's that easy - no unnecessary forms are required to be completed.

  • As soon as you are able to. This enables Truck Assist to help as soon as possible.

  • Truck Assist Drive Pack Insurance products are provided by NTI.

    NTI’s award winning Claims Team will be handling your claims on behalf of Truck Assist. A dedicated Claims Consultant will be appointed to you.

    Drive Pack is new, NTI is not.

  • We are committed to working with the repair industry to improve the quality and timeliness of repairs.

    Through our Authorised Repair Network, you can be assured your truck will be back on the road faster, and with the highest quality repairs available. 

    View more about our Authorised Repair Network here

  • Yes!

    We guarantee the quality of workmanship and materials used by our Authorised Repairer, in the repair of your vehicle, for the life of your vehicle, even if you no longer own it.

    Yes, really!

  • If you have a complaint or dispute about a decision on your claim or the service you have received from us or one of our authorised representatives, you may access our Internal Dispute Resolution process.

    The first step is to contact your closest Truck Assist office. Contact details can be obtained by visiting and a brochure on our Dispute Resolution System is available from all Truck Assist and NTI offices.

  • You must pay an excess for every claim however we may decide to waive payment of an excess if we agree that:
    (i) Your Vehicle is involved in a collision with another vehicle;
    (ii) You have provided sufficient proof and we agree you or your driver were not at fault;
    (iii) You can identify and provide full details of the third party driver who is at fault (name, telephone number, current address and/or drivers licence number and vehicle registration);
    (iv) We deem that the claim is recoverable; and
    (v) the amount of Your claim is greater than the applicable excess(es).

    However, You must pay any applicable Excess(es) where:

    (A) the other party disputes who is at fault, or
    (B) there is only windscreen (or window glass) damage and the optional extension “Windscreen – One Excess Free” is not listed on your Policy Schedule