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Data Engineer Behind-The-Scenes with Truck Assist Racing

The NTI Insights and Analytics team recently went behind the scenes with Truck Assist Racing's data engineers to explore the similarities and differences between these two data-driven roles, and how they work day-to-day.

For a Supercars racing team, gathering real-time data from the cars is critical to look after the vitals of the car, and the driver's safety. The Data Engineering team makes sure nothing goes wrong while the car is on the track, and enables the team to make informed race strategy decisions on-the-go.

The business insights and data analytics team at NTI is all about collating customer data and analysing trends to better understand customer actions and predict things along the lines of buying behaviours.

"We help our leadership team and stakeholders around NTI make data-driven decisions," explains Gemma Lipovski, NTI's Head of Insights and Analytics.