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Expo Event Services with Matt Farthing

When Expo Event Services constructed their new hospitality truck to tour the country, the peace of mind offered by Truck Assist’s Comprehensive Motor Cover including Truck Breakdown Service made their insurance decision easy.

A leader in the events space, from professional brand activations for conferences, exhibitions, weddings and more, Expo Event Services from their Gold Coast base serve a broad array of customers nationwide.

At the start of 2020 the company acquired its Isuzu NPR Series truck, which has been customised as an activation platform, featuring a massive array of potential uses.

The back of the truck opens up with extended sides and an awning while also featuring built in bench seating, 75 inch flat screen TVs, bar fridges and more.

“Once a job is done, we take the graphics off it, it can be hired as a corporate sound stage at a music festival, I could park it up alongside a football field for a sponsor who wants to use it as a mobile corporate box, it’s endless what we can use it for,” said Matt Farthing.

At present, the truck is configured as a pop-up exhibition for a software company that supplies to universities, which in itself, presented a unique set of circumstances.

“When I got the truck and I had to do this roadshow for the universities, I realised a couple of things; one I really wasn’t comfortable driving across the Nullarbor Plain without assistance, and a part of my contract is handing the truck over to someone for four or five days, I fly back home, and let the client drive it,” said Mr Farthing.

“When I did the research, Truck Assist was going to be the easiest way for me to put it into my quote and be able to say that this truck is nice and safe for their own staff to move it from A to B when I’m not available.

“That way everyone has peace of mind. It was simple, I just jumped online, and it couldn’t have been any easier.”

The truck was in the midst of a tour of 67 universities located in every state when the COVID-19 pandemic locked down the country, including education institutes, which has forced the truck to be warehoused in Melbourne, this is where Truck Assist’s Laid Up Cover has swung into action.

“Certain parts of the industry have been very supportive and the fact that Truck Assist has come to the party, it just takes that stress off for people like me who are sitting around with no money coming in the door,” said Mr Farthing.

“It made it easier on me not to sell the truck.”