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Have you ever heard of "liens"?

Do you know your rights as a transport operator? Than its important you know the meaning of the term "liens".

Nope, we're not speaking another language. "Liens" is a legal term meaning the claim one person can have on the property of another person to secure payment of a debt.

A Lien can be a very useful device for transport businesses, as it helps to ensure invoices are paid for your services. For example, a transport company might say, “I’ve got your goods, you won’t receive them until you pay my bill.” Of course, its important to seek legal advice before exercising that right.

So, that’s why we asked our legal expert, Gillian Bristow, what truck owners and operators need to understand about this complex topic.

Want to know more? Our expert Gillian Bristow at Copper Grace Ward Lawyers has also broken down everything you need to know about unfair contract law and how indemnity clauses can impact your insurance coverage as a small business in the transport industry.

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Gillian Bristow, Special Counsel - Cooper Grace Ward Lawyers

Gillian is a special counsel in Cooper Grace Ward’s transport and logistics team and has practised in the transport sector for more than 25 years. Gillian acts for a wide variety of transport and logistics clients across all jurisdictions. She regularly presents at industry events and also delivers training programs for transport operators and supply chain participants.