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HFI Commercial Design with Chris Kielniacz

When HFI Commercial Design were looking to simplify their operations, the natural solution was to invest in a truck, with Truck Assist’s Drive Pack providing a quick yet value for money insurance solution.

Specialising in fit outs for the hospitality industry, the company source and supply chairs, stools, tables, custom furniture and bespoke pieces to coffee shops, restaurants and eateries around the country.

“We look after The Coffee Club Australia wide, so that sends us everywhere from Perth to all over the east coast delivering goods and fitting out shops, I take the family with me, my wife and I work together,” said Chris Kielniacz.

For Chris, simple economics and efficiency made the step up into his new Hino 616 easy, with the truck providing greater flexibility for jobs from Melbourne to Cairns, all on a car license.

“We were always hiring trucks, but that gets really expensive,” Chris continued.

“I worked out we were spending $20-30,000 a year hiring, so for that money, we could just buy one.

“We made the pan as big and as high as we could, you can fit four pallets in there, instead of doing two or three trips, you only need to do one, so it saves us a lot of time and effort.

“We’ve been using it a lot, especially for bigger fit outs, I’ve got utes and I’ve got vans, but you can’t beat the truck, it’s made our job twice as easy.”

New to the truck ownership world, the local dealership gave Chris a guiding hand through the available after sales options, including insurance.

“I asked Hino – ‘How do you insure a truck?’” said Chris.

“They said try Truck Assist.

“I found it really easy, I just went online, answered the questions, and I got a quote straight away.

“I did ring one other place, but I had to answer a million questions and it was quite difficult, and they gave me a quote which I think was double of what Truck Assist quoted.

“It was so easy, go online, answer the questions, I was done in 10 minutes.”