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How to gain transport contracts and grow your business

So, you’ve got the plan, the name, the licence, and the truck, now all you need is something to transport.

The first option for truckies are online marketplaces. These are online platforms that allow shippers and freight brokers to advertise loads so that truckies can find jobs and begin moving freight. There are a number of different marketplaces available, but if you’re starting out we suggest open marketplaces as the best place to begin your hunt of contracts. Subscribing to one of the many Australian marketplaces is a quick and easy way to get your business off the ground and onto the road.

Here is a short list of Australia’s top marketplaces:

TOP TIP: TruckIt is our favourite as it’s one of Australia’s first, and largest open marketplaces.

It’s important for new business owners to understand the basic principles of network marketing too. Leveraging old relationships and building new ones will help to foster new business opportunities and expand your webbed network of industry contacts. Be proactive.

For instance, drop your new connection a text if you know you’re likely to cross paths during your next contract and suggest pulling over for a beverage while you spin a yarn. It’s little gestures like this that speak volumes of your character, personal brand and business. You’ll absolutely make a positive impact in the market.

We also understand that it’s difficult to differentiate yourself in the trucking industry. So, the delivery of your service must be the most important thing you focus on day-to-day. The safety of your load and the timely manner in which it is delivered are the two most important things to your customers. So, look after the two service elements that customers care about the most and they’ll always come back. That’s guaranteed. 

Building a booming business takes time and dedication but if you focus on exceptional customer service and delivering your load as safely and as timely as possible, business will take off before you know it!

Before you hit the road though it’s important to make sure your business’s most precious asset is protected. Roadside Assistance for your truck is not something everyone thinks about, or even knows about, until something goes wrong. Truck Assist’s Roadside Assistance plans are designed for any truck owner, with breakdown services available anytime and anywhere.

As always, if you are entering into a contract, make sure you get the appropriate legal advice and have the correct insurances in place including Comprehensive Commercial Motor Insurance, Business Interruption or Downtime Cover, a Public Liability Policy, and a Carriers Insurance Policy.

Truck Assist offers a well thought out solution for small businesses who are seeking to protect their company truck and machinery. Get a quote for Roadside Assistance online to see how we can keep you on the road.