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O.C Stone with Oli Clack

“We are a small business, built on big ideas,” Oli says proudly.

Based in Melbourne, stonemason and director Oli Clack has successfully built O.C Stone into a recognised and established company.

“O.C Stone is a heritage restoration company mainly specialising in the restoration of neglected buildings.”

“Predominantly we work with churches and cathedrals, replacing damaged and decaying stone with new, but we also work with other materials such as cement render.”

Originating from Chichester in the U.K Oli trained in stonemasonry and conservation before moving to Australia and establishing O.C Stone.

“In 2014, I trained in stonemasonry and conservation at Weymouth College, South England, I then went on to win a medallion of excellence, ranking 4th in the world at the World Skills competition in Calgary.”

“Following this, I completed a HNC Construction Management course at Southampton University, before hopping on the first plane to Australia”

Since arriving in Australia, over 7 years ago, Oli and his team have fast established their unique trade.

“I have worked with some of Melbourne’s major heritage restoration companies as a stone mason, foreman and project manager,” said Oli.

As with any business, considering and planning for potential risks was a major concern. With this in mind, Oli set about to find the perfect insurance option for his vehicles.

“It is always important to know we’re fully covered especially considering the range of different O.C Stone staff members that drive the trucks.”

For Oli, part of the attraction to Truck Assist was the addition of roadside assistance.

“Having roadside assist is a nice failsafe to fall back on if anything goes wrong and gives us piece of mind knowing there is always help around the corner.”

“When searching around to find the right insurance company, I found Truck Assist to be one of the cheapest quotes I received, plus it included the added extras – it simply had everything I needed and more!”

“The staff were so friendly when I made enquiries over the phone and so I take comfort in knowing that’s the team I can turn to if I have any issues. It’s great to know that if I were to make a claim it would be handled quickly and efficiently.”