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The masterminds at Apple have finally done it! An iOS update that potentially leads to a safer world, and less-so to most of us scratching our heads about 'change for change sake'.

Apple introduced Do Not Disturb While Driving at their Worldwide Developers Conference in California this week, set to be released sometime later this year. The new iOS 11 operating system will be available for anyone with an iPhone 5S or later.

The smartphone technology recognises when someone is in a vehicle and automatically blocks notifications, texts, and disables app access, reports Apple Newsroom.

The system operates by detecting when the phone is in the vehicle and paired to a Bluetooth system. Upon initial activation, the system it is automated every time the phone is the vehicle. However the mode can be overridden – and drivers can choose to ignore the safety precaution.

Navigational apps such as Apple Maps and Google Maps can still be used while in the vehicle is in motion, and users can still receive handsfree calls. There is also the option of activating auto replies to phone contacts in the Favourites List to notify them the driver will respond when they have arrived at their destination.

While there are numerous apps available for iOS and android phones with similar features, it appears Apple’s application supersedes these with the automation features and map accessibility.

It’s exciting to see companies use technology to seek improvements in road safety but as with most safety features, it’s only useful when put in practice. However when paired with other road safety measures, this new iPhone update has potential to be a tremendous step in the right direction.

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