WA Hikes Speeding Fine Limits For Light And Heavy Vehicles

6 September 2017


WA speeding fines are rising

Police in Western Australia can fine drivers at a higher cash limit after Road Traffic Code amendments come into force today.

Drivers of light vehicles caught travelling more than 40kmh over the posted speed limit will be subject to a $1,200 fine, while drivers of heavy vehicles will receive an increased penalty of $1,200 if detected speeding more than 29kmh but not more than 40kmh and $1,500 for speeds of more than 40kmh over the speed limit.   Authorities believe the new penalties will act as a deterrent against high level speeding.   "We’ve seen the evidence recently that drivers continue to put the lives of other at risk on WA roads, by travelling at highly excessive speeds," Road Safety Commissioner Iain Cameron says.

"Statistics show that one third of all fatalities in Western Australia last year occurred in crashes where speed was found to be a factor, so we want these new penalties to slow down drivers and save lives."

The maximum fine imposed by a court in relation to failing to use seatbelts or appropriate restraints, and failing to wear a motorcycle helmet where required also increases.   The new penalties are:

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