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Conditions of Supply


Truck Assist is committed to providing the best possible service to truck owners and operators.  To help us do our job, there are several conditions of supply that you should be aware of.

Eligible Trucks:

Truck Assist Roadside Assistance is available for all eligible trucks.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Vehicle must be in a roadworthy condition.
  • Vehicles must be registered.
  • Vehicles must be over 3.5 tonnes GVM with a manufacture date after 1988

Additional Service Costs:

Truck Assist Roadside Assistance covers all eligible trucks from home, business or the roadside.  The costs for parts and additional labour to repair will be the responsibility of the owner/driver at the time of supply.  Any towing costs above your limit will be charged to the driver at the time of service.

The credit card number provided to Truck Assist will be charged for any costs in excess of the covered entitlements.  Where roadside repair is not possible, a tow to the nearest facility that can supply and/or repair the tyre/wheel combination will be provided as per your limits.

Note: By purchasing cover, you authorise TruckAssist Roadside Assistance to charge your credit card for any non-covered expenses, Roadside Assistance Services in excess of the limits set out in How Cover Works and any costs in excess of the coverage benefits.


TruckAssist and their service providers will accept no responsibility under any circumstances, for the security, loss or any damage of cargo carried by a disabled truck. This means that cargo is your responsibility.

Excessive Use:

Where Truck Assist believes a Customer has repeatedly requested the breakdown service, during the coverage period, we may refuse to provide further assistance. Alternatively, we may at our discretion charge you additional fees for each callout for Roadside Assistance (payable at the time of service) or offer a solution at your expense.  An excessive user could be deemed as "excessive" if the service is used in excess of 4 calls per year.  We monitor service usage on a monthly basis.

Change of Registration, Name, Address or Ownership:

Please advise us immediately of any change so that we may respond quickly to your needs.

Sale of your Truck:

If you sell your truck within 12 months of purchasing the roadside agreement, the new owners, and any subsequent owners, are NOT entitled to Truck Assist Roadside Assistance for the balance of the 12 months service period.


Privacy Statement: 

Please visit our privacy page here for more information on our privacy policy.