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Roadside FAQs


Frequently Asked Questions

  • To be honest – we aren’t sure why you’d want to.

    Truck Assist has developed a comprehensive network of providers that will respond 24/7.

    There are exceptions to the rule on some cases but for the most part – we’ve got this!

  • We’ve got two kinds of good news for you:

    • Firstly, yes - you can purchase cover for up to 10 trucks at a time, online. 
    • Secondly - if your fleet is larger than 10 trucks we still have a plan for you, but your best bet is to speak to us directly so we can work out the best solution for your needs. Call us on 1800 827 747.
  • Si! Hai! Iya nih! Yes!

    We can service you in 160 languages.

    To be honest – we use a recognised professional interpreter service. So if it’s easier for you to get your message across in a language other than English, you’re with the right people!

  • Unfortunately the service cover does not transfer to the new owner and the service is not refundable.

  • Yes – that’s the point!

    Truck Assist provides coverage – no matter what, no matter when, utilising a national network of service providers.

    You may experience delays in obtaining assistance in remote or sparsely populated areas, but we’ll get there!

  • We aren’t going to leave someone stranded in the middle of nowhere!

    Our call centre will sort that out for you. Need a taxi? Done.

    But you or your stranded driver will need to cover the cost at the time of service.

  • No. Cover can be purchased under a business or personal name.

  • We aren’t going to leave you hanging on the side of the road with no idea how long someone is going to be. Mates don’t do that.

    It’s dependent on a couple of factors: location, time of day, and traffic conditions. We can give you an ETA once we’ve ascertained the above details and have engaged a service provider. We’ll keep you updated of any changes as best we can.

  • No. We’ve made it easy so you don’t have to!

    Cover is based on the truck, not the individual operator. You could have a different person operating your truck every day and the vehicle is still covered.

  • Yes of course!

    Let us know as soon as possible and we’ll cancel our service provider.

  • Your truck will be towed to the nearest Truck Assist Service Provider…  who just happens to be one of the best across Australia.

    It’s actually pretty difficult to qualify as a Truck Assist Service Provider – so trust us when we insist on where your truck needs to be towed.

  • Yes and Yes.

    It makes an awesome gift too!

  • Yes. It makes perfect sense to get advice over the phone if you’ve got a bit of ‘know-how’ and ‘tools of trade’ on board.

    If this is the case, we’ll try to set up a conference call between you and the service provider, prior to them dispatching man-power.

  • Just send an email to advising your previous rego number and your new rego number.

    We’ll take care of the rest!

  • No – the driver/owner of the tools needs to take care of those.

    We’ll take care of the bigger issue – the truck.

  • We don’t do things by halves.

    So, If the accessory has stopped functioning and renders your truck unable to be driven, chances are we’ll send out a service provider or tow the truck to a service provider.

  • It’s a case-by-case basis.

    If the intended destination for the load differs greatly from the towing destination and/or falls outside of your towing limit, then costs incurred for the drop off might need to be taken care of by the driver at the time.

  • Excessive Use means repeated requests for assistance for the same service in a short period by a customer for their vehicle.

    For example, someone who is an Excessive User might call us every Monday for a jump start because the interior light was left on, the portable fridge was left on all weekend or has an electrical current draw. 

    But if you have experienced multiple breakdowns for unrelated issues, jump start, flat tyre, broken windscreen and a lockout. These are considered as unrelated, are not regular breakdowns across a 12 month period and are not repeated. This would not be considered Excessive Use. 

  • Cover runs 12 months from date of purchase.

    It’s a simple one-off payment via credit card or monthly installments via Visa/MasterCard/Direct Account debit (made online or over the phone).

    Your choice!

  • If you are considering cancelling your Truck Assist Roadside Entitlement Plan, you must notify us in writing at

    When cancelling Your Truck Assist Roadside Entitlement Plan under your Agreement there will be no reimbursement of the remaining fees and you will be liable for the annual payment until received in full.

  • Truck Assist will arrange a Service Provider to attempt to open your Vehicle.  The Driver may be asked to sign an indemnity releasing the Service Provider from any liability should damage be caused by such attempted entry. 

    The driver will be responsible for additional costs to Your  Roadside Entitlements, for example, if we have to contract a third party locksmith.

  • We get it – these things happen!

    As long as the repair is within your limits of entitlement as outlined by your plan, it's no drama. You won’t get a surprise bill.

  • Possibly. It's best to check with your manufacturer on whether they offer roadside assistance and if so, what is covered. 

    Some manufacturers provide a comprehensive roadside offer but others only offer access to a network and may charge you for all associated costs. Truck Assist has established strategic partnerships with Isuzu, Hino, Western Star which supports their customers’ vehicles.

  • Some manufacturers (e.g. Isuzu, Hino, and Western Star) have roadside assistance available for purchase when the complimentary roadside provided on new vehicles expires.  These offers can be limited by the age of vehicle, so please check your manufacturer’s website for details.

  • Yes. If you feel you need additional cover more than the benefits provided under the manufacturer program you can purchase a Truck Assist Plan.  Where Truck Assist is the provider of the manufacturers program we will combine both covers to increase your limits and benefits.