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Requesting Roadside

When you request roadside assistance from Truck Assist, it's important to have all the correct details ready so that we can send assistance as quickly as possible.

Upon purchase of one of our Truck Roadside Assistance Plans, you will receive a unique digital membership card which contains all the details you will need to give us. If, however, you haven't received your digital card or are unsure how to locate it, contact our Customer Care team on 1800 827 747, available 24/7.

Before calling, please ensure your truck is in a safe location. You can also check out our FAQ’s and roadside assistance inclusions for further information.

When requesting assistance, please have the following information ready for our Customer Care team:


Your truck registration number and VIN number. This can be found on your digital membership card or on your Vehicle ID plate. (Must be provided to receive service.)


The model and year of your truck.


The nature of the problem.


The exact location of your truck, the state, city and town, suburb or area, street or road and the nearest corner, crossroad and landmark if applicable.


The approximate GVM of your vehicle.

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If you haven’t already purchased one of our roadside assistance plans, find out more.