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Safety and Warnings


If you’re broken down, you are responsible for ensuring you and your truck are clear of passing traffic, and in safe surroundings.

If your truck needs to be worked on, the following factors should be considered:

  • If the issue is on the left side, does proximity to crash barriers or other fixtures allow enough room to work on the truck?
  • If the issue is on the front or right hand side of the truck, consider parking as close to the curb as possible whilst turning the front of the vehicle to the left. This will allow additional clearance.

It is important that the truck is visible, especially to passing motorists. The following actions should be considered:

  • Hazard lights should be activated immediately.
  • Placement of Emergency Warning Triangles behind the vehicle should be at the following distances: Two and a half times the posted speed limit in meters in an 80km/h or above speed limit zone, or, Twice the posted speed limit in meters in a speed zone below 80km/h
  • The placement of triangles is also regulated by National Road Laws. These laws may require a triangle to be placed in front of a truck on a dual carriageway.
  • Additionally, electric flares could also be activated and placed on the rear of the vehicle if safe to do so

After ensuring the safety of yourself and your truck, you will need to request Truck Assist’s roadside assistance.

To make sure the process of getting you back on the road goes quickly and smoothly, please ensure the correct information ready for our Customer Care Team when you call.

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If you’re not yet covered by Truck Assist’s roadside assistance, find out more information about our plans by visiting our Roadside Assistance plans page.