What is covered?

Our Roadside service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is delivered by a team of highly trained recovery operators and technicians. 

All our roadside assistance options make the following services available to you and your drivers when you’re on the road.

What you're covered for:

Breakdown Assistance

Mechanical breakdown assistance provided by the nearest service provider, or beside the road. Labour to repair is covered up to your selected limit, and parts are not covered by the service.


Our certified service provider will tow your Truck to the nearest repairer/place of safety anywhere in Australia. Additional towing costs above your selected limit are charged to you.

Battery Service

National network 24/7 roadside assistance. Parts are not covered by the service.

Hydraulic hose repairs

National 24/7 assistance by our expert providers. Parts are not covered by the service.

Lock-out Assistance

If your keys are locked in your Truck, our providers will attempt to open the Truck and get you back on the road.


National network 24/7 assistance. Parts are not covered by the service.

Diesel & Fluids delivery

Organised by Truck Assist but all consumables charged to you at the time of purchase.


National 24/7 assistance for tyre replacement. Parts are not covered by the service.

Parts, labour or towing outside your limit

Services that fall outside the capped limit you select will be charged to your nominated credit card at the roadside at the time of service.

Select your cover limit: 

Remember, the higher the cover limit you select, the more towing & mechanical assistance you receive by the roadside. Choose from our three levels of cover below, and give your business the security you need.