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Battery life versus winter

There are three certainties in life: taxes, mortality and flat batteries.

Regardless of the advancements in technology, improved electrical systems and progression in turn-off automation, it’s still a common reason for trucks breaking down; but, why?

Battery performance and longevity is largely dependent on battery maintenance. Whether you’re a tradie who’s just invested in their first truck, or someone who’s just started out in road transport, here’s a couple of quick tips to save your business from losing time and money by being stuck on the side of the road - especially during the colder months:

Maintenance is key; check your battery more regularly than your scheduled vehicle service

Have your battery load tested, have the electrolyte checked regularly (if applicable) and ensure your battery terminals are clean; don’t just rely on scheduled servicing.

Extended service schedules mean trucks visit workshops less regularly. You may only have your truck seen-to annually, but your battery needs a little more love than that. Your battery might be optimal in Summer, but, come Winter, the change in temperature can cause it to fail.

Take care in the cold

According to the experts at Marshall Batteries, colder months are notorious for battery failure. If you’re new to owning a truck, you may not realise that Winter conditions impact greatly on battery life. In extreme cold temperatures, a truck battery can use up to double the amount of power to start the engine as the oil thickens and makes the engine more difficult to crank.

At the very least, just use your battery wisely

Your battery doesn’t go to sleep just because your engine is switched off. Remember, there are a number of functions that drain your battery – from the fridge to the phone charger. Keep this in mind especially if the nature of your work includes long-haul trips and long rest breaks. Turn off functions that aren’t needed to keep from consuming your battery.

While no single preventative measure can guarantee the life of your battery, combining several of them can mean the difference between a costly, unexpected breakdown – and the mechanical well-being of your vehicle.

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Truck Assist | The team from Truck Assist are experts in trucks - whether they're used in the transport industry, or as a part of your business.

The team from Truck Assist are experts in trucks - whether they're used in the transport industry, or as a part of your business. The Club is a place where you can chat about things that matter to you. It’s your place to share your thoughts, get some peace of mind, have a little fun and feel confident talking to people doing what you do. Remember - we're here to help!

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