People like you behind the wheel or behind the scenes - family, mates, employers & fleet managers, repair, service & depot staff - anyone who keeps transport going strong.


BHR Cunnamulla - Greg & Scott

Meet Greg & Scott; we picked them as father & son the first time we sat down at the same table for dinner. We won Greg over from the start by telling him he reminded us of Burt Reynolds, circa Smokey and the Bandit. This was son Scott's 3rd stint with the Burrumbuttock Hay Runners. Typically he's based out of SA, working for himself carrying scrap metal. Like many, he finds the time for the hay run because he wants to help Aussie farmers and has the means to do so. Dad Greg (who's true passions are his grandkids & racehorses.. and yes, we sat through the photos) was keen to get on board to experience it himself, and spend time with Scott. He summed it up by saying "the whole thing really makes you have a good, hard think; and really opens your eyes"... We couldn't agree more, Greg.


"the whole thing really makes you have a good, hard think; and really opens your eyes"


BHR Cunnamulla - Jillaroo Jess

We don't like to play favourites, but we were stoked to cross paths with Jillaroo Jess at the Burrumbuttock Hay Runners 13th Hay Run! A woman of many talents and great wisdom, Jess is well-known across farming & trucking circles - not only for her work (the list includes driving roadtrains, herding cattle and being an all-round outback wonder woman..) but also for being a great role model to young Aussie woman inside & outside of the industry. Based out of WA these days, Jess took time from her busy schedule to drive Brendan "Bumpa" Farrell's rig in the hay run, with her four-legged best mate, Bunji - who we also fell in love with.


2017 Brisbane Truck Show - Tony McGrath

Even after half a century in the business, Tony's keen to keep coming back for more.


The transport industry has been great to me; and after 55 years I can still say it's great to be in it."


2017 Brisbane Truck Show - Peter & Robert Rawlins

These two brothers drove Robert's restored Bedford truck up from Adelaide to see the 2017 Brisbane Truck Show. Their hats boast the many badges of the places they've travelled as truck drivers over 50 years. Starting out as 16 year olds with not enough work on the family dairy farm, they drove trucks instead. They are retired now but they still enjoy the truck industry.


2017 Brisbane Truck Show - Kenny Easter III

Kenny Easter has worked in the transport and logistic industry his entire life - and like many, has spent his time solely committed to the family business, which has just celebrated 40years.


I love the passion of the people involved in transport. There are so many different avenues for people to work in.


2017 Brisbane Truck Show - Clare & Jason

Clare and Jason travelled to the show from Gracemere. Jason has had a lifetime in the truck industry starting when he was in nappies and then became a second generation driver. Clare has been driving for over 18 years. She did some driving in the mines but prefers the variety of being on the road. Clare continues to drive part time, and manages the business around their young family.


2017 Brisbane Truck Show - Ashley

Ashley Rewald started in the industry at 18, and drove trucks for 12 years. Sadly, injury ended his driving career. Upon delivering a load of grain one day, Ashley lent a hand moving a grain auger which fell and broke - landing on his back, and causing his paraplegia. He was in hospital 20 weeks and in that time had his car modified so he could drive himself home! He then changed industries and started working in admin. That was 22 years ago. He now works in a farm machinery business doing admin and warranties on tractors and hay gear. He's at the show with his mates as they love trucks.


2017 Brisbane Truck Show - Neil

If there's one word to describe Neil - even after only speaking to him for 10mins, it's that he's passionate and dedicated - after all, he's a 60 year mainstay of the industry!


Australia depends on us


2017 Brisbane Truck Show - Brent & Jacob

"I have been with Frasers for 6 years," says Brent. "My old man was a driver - spare parts at Frasers Transport. It's not so much about the role, but moreso the company you work for." "I am going into my 5th year at Frasers, as a Mechanic," says Jacob. "I love the new challenges everyday, and the people I work with at the company."


Jenny & Olivia

"We married brothers who are truck drivers! It can be very lonely when they're away on the road but were both used to it now. It's actually nice to have some time to yourself, you know. It makes the time more special when they're home. I wouldn't push my kids to enter the transport industry. It's a hard life! But if they have a passion for it like their father then I'm all for it."


Coralie Chapman

Coralie is a self-confessed lover of the transport industry - and has been in it for 18 years now.


I fell into it by accident. I have no family history but I got hooked the first day and that was it!


Brett & Travis Darken

Brett Darken has been in the transport industry all his life - starting at the age of 16. Back in the day, his son Travis used to ride in the truck with him.


I think I'll get into the transport industry like my dad so I can just get to see everything and meet lots of people


Bruce Dodds

"I came across TransHelp Foundation when they were doing a health check at a rest stop about 7 or 8 years ago. I thought it was a great idea and so I got involved as a volunteer. I'm on the Board of Directors now, working to promote the word and raise some money. It's great that TransHelp is able to make blokes more aware of the health issues and promote a better, healthier lifestyle to deal with underlying issues like depression, post traumatic stress and all of that type of stuff. And just be aware that if you come across an accident you might think you're okay but six months down the track you might come across a situation which may trigger off when you witnessed it all in the first place. So it's good to let them know they can pick up the phone and talk to someone. They can go to the website, download brochures and information on how to deal with the situation."


Di Carrol

"I started TransHelp back in 2005 following the death of my children's father who was killed in the industry and I found that there were a lot of people who needed support and didn't have it. That gave me the initiative in the beginning and then as I got involved in it and we started to kick off with our 1300 number, I then found that there were a lot of health issues which we needed to address."


Karen Welsh

"I was a transport operator. It was a family business. My husband at the time was driving a vehicle for a company - so that's basically how I was introduced to transport. I've also worked for Australia Post. I started with Australia post in 1989 as a delivery person. From there I got involved with the Trade Institute of Industry Logistics & Transport sitting as a committee member. I have recently taken up the role as Executive Officer and our prime focus for this year is actually establishing the area of professional development for the transport industry so that owner operators can improve their business skills."


2017 Brisbane Truck Show - Jo & Kim

Joe has been in the industry from a young age, starting out with his father. These days they do heavy haulage like cotton pickers, headers, tractors and council work with rollers. They've travelled from Goondiwindi and have never missed a Brisbane Truck Show as it's the only time they get away as a family for 3 nights together!


2017 Brisbane Truck Show - Steve & Allan

Meet Steve and Allan. They drive livestock out of Kingaroy. Their longest run is down to Adelaide. They have even carried buffalo from the top end. Why do they do it? Simple - they love their job, and think being on the road is a great life.


2017 Brisbane Truck Show - Dean & Daniel

Dean and Daniel are a pair of mates who have travelled from Bombala Sth Est NSW near the Victorian border. Daniel is a mechanic and Dean has a number of trucks, while he himself is involved in logging transport. They left home at 2:30am today to be here!


2017 Brisbane Truck Show - Mark & Julie

Mark drives building supplies around town, and Julie works at a weighbridge at a quarry. Sometimes she goes out on the road with Mark. Having a partner in the industry, Julie says she understands the demands on the drivers when they come in to the weigh bridge.


The couple who works in the industry together, stays together


2017 Brisbane Truck Show - Ryan & Jess

Ryan is a second generation truckie - following his dad who owned trucks. He has been driving since he was 18, truck and dogs, mostly timber, but has even taken machinery up to Gladstone as part of the port construction. Jess likes that he drives short haul round town so isn't away from home too much.


2017 Brisbane Truck Show - Tony

Tony is a man who's been everywhere! He bought his first tip truck truck at 20 and worked a quarry in Nth Qld. After that he moved to Melbourne and bought a Mack Flintstone, running interstate carting cars. After that, he ran a fridge van across the Nullabor. So what else has he carted? sheet metal, milk.. you name it. Eventually he took a break to deck out a 40ft coach as mobile home and travell for 4yrs. He's now had 18 yrs working in tilt slides.


2017 Brisbane Truck Show - Jeff

Jeff works in windscreens, which is makes for great storytelling - who knew? We highly recommend stopping him for a chat if you ever cross his path!


It's nothing for an eagle to work its way into a cab through the windscreen squawking and angry after being hit by a semi at 100km an hour.

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