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We go back to where the "Green Diamond was discovered and find out more about the man who held the key..

They say if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. Perhaps that’s why Russell Price,  Owner of Price’s Truck Parts in Dalby, Queensland, has no plans to stop showing up to work with his four-legged friends, Bundy & Bruce.

 “I don’t plan on retiring,” says Russ, “I’ll never not be part of what’s here. Back in the day I’d spend more of my time at the desk or on the phone, but these days I like to get outside more. I prefer to be amongst it, doing things, being a part of it. I have the freedom to choose what I do here.”

Listening to Russell talk about his business, it’s obvious he sees his operation as serving a purpose not just to truck enthusiasts and heavy vehicle operators, but to the agricultural and farming industry that surrounds him. Even when asked about the challenges of sustaining a business, in a regional town, he brings it back to his small hometown community.

“The biggest challenge is drought. Not so much for us – but moreso for everyone around us. Farmers rely on us during drought time; they repair and restore equipment with our help because they can’t afford to replace it. The challenge is seeing what the community goes through and supporting them through that.”

Like many in the industry, Russell’s business is generational. Having taken it over from his father, he recalls the days when his dad used to buy old trucks, fit them with hoists, build up the bodies and resell them. But his memories of trucking stretch back even further.

“Even my grandfather had a trucking business” remembers Russell, “Pollards Transport. He sold it in about 1951. I still have memories from when I was a kid, of him running around Dalby.”

When asked about his loyalty to his home town, Russell says there was never any temptation to shift to the big smoke. “It’s the people. It’s what we do. It’s what we’ve always known. Why move from here? If I want to go into the city, down to Brisbane, I can; but I always come back here. This is home.”

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Truck Assist | The team from Truck Assist are experts in trucks - whether they're used in the transport industry, or as a part of your business.

The team from Truck Assist are experts in trucks - whether they're used in the transport industry, or as a part of your business. The Club is a place where you can chat about things that matter to you. It’s your place to share your thoughts, get some peace of mind, have a little fun and feel confident talking to people doing what you do. Remember - we're here to help!

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