Should I be on LinkedIn?

Our well connected, small business expert Dan Adler is here to get you started and help differentiate LinkedIn from other social media platforms

Asking should I be on LinkedIn is like asking whether you should invest in property. How many times have you told yourself, “if only I started my property portfolio earlier in life – I’d be so much better off now.” Well, LinkedIn is similar in that the earlier you start building your profile and network of contacts the more well connected you will be and hence opportunities will flow.


LinkedIn proves the age-old adage ‘it’s not what you know, it’s who you know’. LinkedIn gives you a platform to approach people and businesses who are highly relevant to your business, and through degrees of separation you can quickly make connections that would have been a challenge via cold calling, cold emailing or old-fashioned door knocking.


The trick to remember with LinkedIn is you get out of it what you put into it. Your contacts will check you out before accepting your connection. If you’re not contributing, educating, sharing, entertaining and conversing with others in the LinkedIn tribe, then the tribe will not give you much attention.


But remember, LinkedIn is a place for relevant content. Don’t just share any old thing like you would on a social media platform like Facebook or Instagram for example. The business world doesn’t want to know how good your smashed avo on toast looks! But if you have business tips, ideas and opportunities that you feel might interest and favour others in the tribe, you will get favours in return.


The real gold in the hills is the networking opportunities that you proactively initiate. LinkedIn gives you the ability to geo target roles, industries, and even effectively advertise jobs if you’re looking for the perfect person to help you grow. We’ve had better results from advertising brands on LinkedIn than running digital display banner ads on popular websites, that is because you’re talking to an engaged audience on LinkedIn.


So, start today if you’re not already on there. Put more effort in and you’ll be surprised how much of an appetite there is for the content you have to share. If you’d like to check my LinkedIn profile – search for Dan Adler, reach out to me and I’ll accept your connection. See you online!

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