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The importance of truck road safety

Rising inner-city populations and the increase in demand for new infrastructure means the number of trucks on Australian roads is expected to double in the next 20 years. Transport experts are warning that this could lead to more collisions, injuries and fatalities involving heavy vehicles on Australian roads.

Why is truck road safety in Australia an important issue to publicise?

Even though just 4% of vehicles on Australian roads are trucks, they are involved in more than 15% of the nation’s total number of road fatalities. Currently, 80% of road fatalities involving heavy vehicles are mainly caused by the other party – not the truck driver.

It’s worth noting that around 63% of these other parties are aged 21 or younger. The lack of truck road safety education among these most at risk drivers is likely a factor in these incidents.

What is being done to educate people about truck road safety in Australia?

Swinburn University teamed with Melbourne creative agency, Hard Edge, as part of their re-act program in 2018 to research and design a truck road safety campaign for 18-25 year old Australian’s. Findings from their research showed that 20% of participants were completely unaware that truck had blind spots and 60% were vaguely aware that truck had blinds spots and where they were located.

These statistics corroborated findings from the Australian Road Research Board regarding the daily challenges truck drivers face. Two of the key messages from the board were:

  1. Allow trucks ample space when they are manoeuvring, stopping or changing between lanes before proceeding with a manoeuvre yourself. 

For example, a truck travelling at 60km/h takes around 83m to brake while a truck travelling at 100km/h takes around 185m to brake.

  1. Beware of a truck’s blind spots and aim to stay out of these when possible, particularly in heavy traffic and high speeds.

A truck’s four blind spots are located immediately in at the front of the truck, beside the truck driver’s door, on the passenger side that runs the length of the truck and extends out three lanes, and 10 metres directly behind.

How can you and your truck remain safe on Australian roads?

Whether you’re in the transport game, or use a truck for your trade business, operating and growing a business is not easy and Truck Assist want to help in any way we can.

Experts warn us that accidents involving heavy vehicles may increase over the next two decades. So, to protect against this increased risk we offer Drive Pack truck insurance. Drive Pack is made for drivers on the go including motor and downtime cover, as well as truck breakdown assistance.  Apply for a quote today, so that you can remain safe in these times of hesitation when trucks are on the road.